Stay Strong.

Stay Strong.

Let's work proactively, together. 

That way, we know what's coming, and if there's a problem, 
we can help right away- so small problems don't become big ones.

Partner with Mac Muscle as your IT service provider, and get access to the following benefits:

Preferred Rates.

Stay Strong clients have access to monthly prepaid service hours, which are billed at a preferred service rate.

Service hours can apply to maintenance, issue resolution, or any other service request.

Performance Monitoring.

Performance monitoring allows your Mac to report on its health status and performance.

That way, we can keep an eye on backups, network performance, and other essential services.

Priority SERVICE.

Stay Strong clients get access to priority scheduling and the fastest turnaround of service we offer, including after hours coverage.

→ Contact us to arrange for a meeting and get a Stay Strong retainer proposal tailored to the needs of your business.